• USDA certified organic green tea: Brew La La flavored teas are non-GMO and 100% free of artificial ingredients. So you can be sure you're getting all the powerful free radical fighting and anti-oxidant properties in our quality green tea collection.
  • All-natural and organic blueberry flavor: Our blueberry offering is made with real blueberries! Succulent blueberry pieces are used in this premium tea blend, bringing the tart-sweet taste of blueberry to every cup.
  • Brew La La tea is grown by organic farmers: Brew La La is very proud to be partnered with organic farmers who are committed to practicing sustainable agriculture and creating a better quality of life for their staff, families, communities and future generations.
  • Lower in caffeine than black tea: Enjoy a delicious hot or cold pick-me-up without getting the jitters or other side unwanted effects of ingesting too much caffeine. Green teas are naturally lower in caffeine than coffee or black and Oolong teas.
  • 50 biodegradable tea bags per tin: You'll receive two foil packets containing 25 tea bags each, enclosed in a tin to help keep flavors and spices fresh. Enjoy Brew La La teas hot or enjoy them in a delicious iced tea. A refreshing choice year round!

Brew La La Organic Blueberry Green Tea - 50 Tea Bags

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  • Blueberry Green Tea

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