What is the Best Tea Subscription Box?

Updated: Mar 2

Tea of the Month Club Subscription Costs

Website 3 Month Price 6 Month Price 12 Month Price

The Tea Smith $49.95 $89.95 $179.95

Free Your Tea $57.00 $108.00 $192.00

Amazing Clubs $71.85 $137.70 $263.40

Sips by $45.00 $90.00 $180.00

Plum Deluxe $45.00 $90.00 $180.00

Art of Tea $70.00 $115.00 $220.00 $49.95 $89.95 $175.00

About Each Monthly Tea Club Plan

The Tea Smith - you get two two ounce packs of loose tea and a sheet of paper explaining the tea.

Free Your Tea - you get "Large bag of Personalized tea delivered monthly". I could not tell what type of tea you get. I assume it is loose tea, but do not know if it is black, green or herbal or some other style of tea. It says an email will be sent for tea preferences. So you don't know what you are getting before you order?

Amazing Clubs - By for the most expensive. Amazing clubs does not specialize in teas. They specialize in clubs. There are no tea products on their site so it is hard to find out about the teas. They say you will receive " 2 Unique Teas from Boutique Growers". "20 tea bags of each" a newsletter and a 6 by 4 1/2 inch personalized gift card.

Sips by - you get four teas that will make 15 cups ( one dollar a cup). Basically sample packets. The box and presentation is nice.

Plum Deluxe - 2 ounces of loose tea, a sample, and brewing instructions is the Best for Gifting

greeting card and gift wrapping has free gift wrapping each month, a free personalized gift card, not loose tea, but tea bags in beautiful boxes. You also get a variety of brands to explore versus getting stuck with one brand or style of tea.

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