Sydney Reviews Tea of the Month Club

Updated: Apr 9

Sydney reviews Tea of the Month Club and discusses the benefits of tea and talks about why she is choosing it over coffee!

Tea of the Month Club Video Review Transcript:

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel. I'm very excited to be filming this video today because we have a partner yay! We are partnering with tea of the month club and I'll give you a little bit more information about them in a second and I'll have them linked in the description box, so be sure to check them out.

Today we're going to be talking about tea of course because of tea of the month club. I drink green tea. I love green tea and I'm excited to start branching out and trying different kinds of tea herbal, black tea and all the tea and I'm excited that tea of the month club is allowing me to try different green teas because I really like green tea and so that way I can start branching out slowly and I'm also excited to be filming this video today because i just got home from work and literally just walked in the door a couple minutes ago I threw on some comfy clothes and then when you like sit and chat.

I am tired now and that's one of the reasons I like tea. It has caffeine, but it doesn't have as much caffeine as coffee, which is really good. Because I don't need that much caffeine, but I like a little bit sometimes and I feel like maybe you can relate and that's why I like green tea, I also like it because it has a lot of antioxidants which are really good to aid against heart disease, some types of cancers and a bunch of other diseases. It's also calorie free.

I love a good Starbucks coffee. Don't get me wrong, but I know that it is loaded with calories and sometimes I just don't want that and even when I make it at home with the cream and the sugar and this and that it the calories add up. I like being calorie free is definitely much better it aids in digestion, so it makes the perfect after meal digestive beverage over coffee those are the main reasons I love tea and like I said I’m really excited to be partnering with tea the month club and so I’ll link them down below and I said that before but let me just jump in and explain to you what tea of the month club is.

screenshot of tea of the month club

Tea of the month club is a subscription service where you can pick from a three six or twelve month plans and it costs less per month when you divide it. It is definitely cheaper to get the 12-month plan but if you're not ready to jump into that yet for a three month plan it's a little over $16 and then it goes down to $15 per month, which might sound a lot for a box of tea however it has anywhere from 20 to 50 bags of tea each month which could be over one tea a day and if you're not drinking tea that often or even if you are I think that's cheaper than you running to your local tea supplier.

woman holding birthday card
Free Personalized Card

Also this allows us to try different brands. I think it's definitely a lot of fun and also it makes for a good gift in fact they have free personalized card which is awesome to give this as a gift to maybe somebody in your family or a friend who is a tea lover and I think that would definitely appreciate it. It's nice that the card goes with it so all you have to do is type in the address and they'll ship them a box. Also calorie free which I know that I like that I know I love a good Starbucks coffee don't get me wrong. But I know that it is loaded with calories and sometimes I just don't want that and even when I make it at home with the cream and the sugar and this and that it the calories add up.

I think like being calorie free is definitely much better it aids in digestion, so it makes the perfect after meal digestive beverage over coffee those are the main reasons I love tea. And like I said, I’m really excited to be partnering with tea of the month club and so I’ll link them down below and I said that before but let me just jump in and explain to you what tea of the month club is.

The shipment is gift wrap for free which also saves you money and we're all about saving money over here and also it has free shipping so I don't know about y 'all I love free shipping and so I think for a little bit over a month you can't go wrong because you're getting like I said anywhere from green tea bags well and that's specific to the green tea section it's also the same they have decaf tea herbal tea organic teas and black tea um and also the same it comes with 20 to 50 bags per so you know play around on the website see what you like and also you get to be exposed to brands that maybe you wouldn't have tried.

happy women

So I am actually getting some water nice and hot and we're gonna be going through this month's box. When my box arrived, I don't know why but i think Zach thought it was something else that he bought on Amazon and like accidentally clicked my name instead of it shipping to him. So he opened the box. I can't show you what it looked like but it was nicely gift wrapped inside of the actual package. It came with this cute little sticker and a personalized card and they personalized it for me when they sent it to me. It's not my birthday, but they were just showing me an example. It says happy birthday and then it says hope it sparkles which is super cute because the card I don't know if you can see it but it's like super glittery and then it says happy birthday Sydney love Zach, which is from my husband so they just made it say like you know happy birthday from whoever and they have a bunch of different card options so just look whatever occasion fits right for you in your life and then they'll sign it for you, which they have much nicer handwriting than I do. I have nice handwriting. but this just looks so much better and it's a super cute card. I’m here for it and then of course like I said the sticker to seal the card.

woman with green tea

Today we're gonna be trying Hyley's organic green tea it's seven assorted flavors and you can try it hot or cold and I don't know about y 'all I love sweet tea I mean I’m from the south like sweet tea is my favorite it's not good for you I know but it's so good and so I’m really excited to start trying more cold teas because i mean sweet tea is served over ice so it's a cold beverage but whenever I make tea at home i typically make it hot um so I’m excited to start experimenting with like what that tastes like but for today's video we are going to be brewing some heating up some water brewing some tea and this is pretty cool. Let me I'll insert our picture if it's not focusing but they have one two three four five six seven different flavors of tea that I get to try they have Moroccan mint ginger, and lemon flavor, soursop flavor mango and lemon flavor peach and ginger flavor acai berry and blueberry flavor. I know I’m gonna like that because of the acai. I really like acai, manuka honey and mango flavor.

I told y 'all I just got home from work i need some tea so I feel like I want to try the peach and ginger first. So I’m going gonna get that ready and I'll be back in a second okay.

woman with tea kettle

Hey everybody so we're back we are gonna steep the tea for a couple minutes and I tried to get a clear the only clear mug I have is this one so it's not completely clear I don't know if you can see it it says misses, but I was gonna put it in my glass but a couple weeks ago. I cracked one of our new bowls because i was making actually tea and grits. I know that sounds like a really strange situation but I was making tea to go for work. I was eating grits like for breakfast at home and I just made the water all together. Well I took the kettle and i poured it over my grits that were in the bowl and I completely like cracked our bowl. I’m not gonna try that with our glasses because I do want the stuff that we got for the wedding to stay in a decent condition. And not me break it so this is what we got y 'all and it's it's making a good yellow color we would love to see it.

So I was looking at this box while the water was heating up and I think it's I know I said before that it's zero calories and they have to put the nutrition facts and it has to be accurate for the FDA and everything and it says zero like it has no calories. It has no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium and no carbohydrates. It doesn't have protein, but that's okay like it's a good pick-me-up. It's better for you than coffee in more ways than just calories. It's good for your heart. It's good for your digestive system.

So we're here for it and then also look. Oh, I definitely I messed this up when I opened it a second ago. Give me a second, this is so cute because whenever I got the boxes like how am I gonna tell what flavors they are. This is so cute like the packaging is adorable and then it gives you instruction on the back. If you're not really familiar with tea or maybe you gave this to somebody who showed interest in maybe starting the drink tea and you know you gave it to them for Christmas or their birthday or Hanukkah.

woman holding tea bags

I think it's super cute it shows you exactly what to do on the back it shows you what flavor it is. It lets you know that you can enjoy it hot or cold. I really think these are cute they have a few others. I like the colors too. It's very bright and inviting and I feel like just looking at this kind of wakes me up and brightens my day just a little bit more. Oh, this one's pretty because it's the acai berry blueberry. It's really pretty. I like the color actually. I think this is the new I think this is the color of the year. I’m pretty sure I don't know if it's the exact shade of yellow. But I know that the 2021 color of the year is like this color. Let me know down below if you're here for this color or if you're not feeling it. I don't know I like yellow' I can't pull off yellow. I can't wear it. I like other people when they wear yellow. I think it looks good on other people. It just doesn't look good to me. But that's okay. But yeah I like the color I just don't know if i want it everywhere. I did really like last year's color it was like a blue

We're gonna let this go for a little bit longer. I'll be right back okay. Hey y 'all, so we're almost ready to drink it it's still really really hot. I've learned the hard way to let them cool so I don't burn my mouth. I’m gonna talk to you so I know that I’m gonna be doing this again. I’m really excited to be partnering with this company. Like I said it's something that I’m really passionate about you know switching from coffee to tea. Yeah an occasional coffee is great but t is so much better for you. Get on board and so I’m excited to be working with this company tea of the month club make sure you get your subscription.

I’m excited to be filming another video and I think I’m going to do it a little bit differently only because I try to film this and do it in the morning but it didn't work out I’m not a morning person. I’m just not. I’m not mean or anything it's just like I prefer to be awake later. I prefer to be awake later then I do prefer to be up in the morning and so when I make tea in the morning it's very like quick and I’m out the door. I don't wake up early enough to film a video and yeah so I’m excited to maybe test out a few different flavors next video.

I'll let y 'all know my thoughts I'll definitely leave all of my thoughts in a blog post below. I'll link that as soon as it goes up and yeah so I'll keep you all posted. Let me know if you like this kind of format of just kind of chit chat through some tea in the afternoon. I better tell you about my day who knows no it was a great day. It's kind of long. I feel like this week has gone by actually pretty fast. But just like jammed packed with stuff and so that's how the rest of the week will be with me. So I'll definitely be drinking my tea when I get home to make sure I accomplish everything at home that needs to be accomplished like laundry the never ending cycle of the laundry.

woman sipping tea

But yeah it is what it is but so that's why I love tea in the afternoon it just kind of wakes me up and helps me get through the rest of the day, So let's talk about this cup right here. So I did the peach and ginger flavor which looks like this. Be like a youtuber with my hand and ginger flavor. I can smell the peach from right here it smells like I lit a candle in my house. Like it's very, it has a very very strong fragrance, which is great. I like the smell. It smells really nice. Yeah and then we get a little bit closer you can kind of smell the ginger not as much as you can smell the peach. But still it's there still a little a little hot. Oh, but that's good that's really good. Now that's funny I think I can actually taste the ginger more than I can the peach. But i can smell the peach more than I can the ginger this is delicious. The peach flavor is still there. In my opinion it's just not as strong as the ginger flavor but if you don't like ginger I don't know if this specific one will be for you. But it's not like overpowering, It's just I can taste it more than a peach flavor.

It is overall delicious though and it's funny because sometimes I think people make things or put flavors together like I have a friend who made a fig and Nutella king cake a few weeks ago during Mardi Gras. She gave us a piece and I was like Nutella ew, yo it was the best king cake it was so delicious. It really was. It was absolutely delicious and so I think it's interesting whenever I try stuff like this just the different flavors that they come up with like I would never have peach and ginger put together, But it's delicious in this beverage and so yeah I would definitely recommend.

Definitely check out my link. Make sure you subscribe to tea of the month club, because it's good for you and we need you to live a long and healthy life. Thank you so much to our partner for the day tea of the month club. Make sure to get your three, six our twelve month subscription. Thank you tea of the month club, so much for partnering with me.

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