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Updated: Apr 12

Largest Iced Tea

The largest iced tea ever created was 2,524 gallons ad created by the town of Summerville in South Carolina on 10 June 2016.

I am not a fan of southern sweet tea it is very sweet. More sugar then tea. This iced tea was brewed using 210 pounds of loose leaf tea and 1,700 pounds of sugar. Way more sugar then tea. The organizers used 300 pounds of ice to chill the tea, however this failed to reduce the tea to the required 45 degrees. Guinness book of World requires requires iced tea to be at 45 degrees or less. They had to us several hundred more pounds of to meet the guideline requirements.

world's largest sweet tea

Image from Guinness World Records

Oldest Tea Leaves

The oldest tea leaves ever found are around 2,100 years old and were discovered by the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology in China

oldest tea ever found

Largest Cup of Hot Tea

The largest cup of tea is 5,000 liters or 1,321 and was achieved by Global Village Dubai (UAE) in Dubai, UAE, on 25 January 2018. The cup was equipped with a heating system to maintain the tea’s temperature at 85 degree Celsius or about 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

world's largest cup of hot tea

Largest Cup of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan during the 1980’s as a hot or cold alternative to the standard cup tea. Using the main ingredients of black tea bags, milk powder, liquid sugar, tapioca balls and ice cubes, the current record of 680 litters or about 180 gallons was achieved by Mihara Keigo in Taipei, Chinese Taipei on November 3rd, 2018.

2,000 people were able to have a cup after a free concert was held by Keigo, who is also known as Youtuber Sanyuan.

world's largest cup of bubble tea

The Biggest Tea Bag

Weighing in at a hefty 250kg or about 551 pounds, Rabea Tea owner of Ahmen Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & co. more than doubled the previous record back in 2014.

It contained enough tea to brew 100,000 cups and was donated to charity after the record was achieved. I am not sure what a charity would be able to do with a tea bag. They would need the world's largest tea cup. Maybe the opened the tea bag an used the tea?

world's largest tea bag

Largest Tea Party

The city of Indore in India, set the record for the largest tea party with 32,681 tea drinkers in in the party. It was held in a cricket stadium, the event raised money to help improve Indore’s civic infrastructure.

largest tea party

All Images and Most of the Content is from Guinness World Records

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