Get Rid of Spiders and Mice with Tea?

There are many poisons and traps for sale that can rid your home of the pesky critters like mice and spiders, but these pesticides have potentially dangerous side effects. And you don't want that around children, pets or yourself.

But there’s is cheap, all-natural remedy, to rid your home of these pests.

Tea, yes tea. Specifically peppermint tea.


Peppermint Tea as a Pest Repellent

For the cost of a box of peppermint tea, you could relax knowing you won’t have to deal with pesky mice droppings or creepy spiders. Brew yourself peppermint tea as usual and place the tea bag in a corner of a room where you have seen mice or spiders. Brew as many tea bags as you need to be able to get one in every room where you have seen these pests.

Not only will peppermint tea bags act as an all natural excellent spider and mouse repellent. It will also make your home smell amazing. Make sure to replace the tea bags after they no longer give off a scent.

Let us know if this method worked for you.

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