Hyleys Wellness Teas

About Hyleys Teas

Established in 1997. Hyleys Tea quickly asserted itself as a packer and exporter of the finest quality teas. Since inception, the company has been packing tea under the core brand ‘Hyleys’. The wide range of teas under the Hyleys portfolio includes; traditional and classic black & green tea as well as specialty blends with flavors, additives, and herbs.

Hyleys Tea's Promise
In spite of the growing interest for tea and natural remedies, there are only very few teas, which contain purely natural components. Most teas on the shop shelves contain artificial or nature identical flavors. It is clear that such products have neither the right taste, the aroma, nor health benefit, as in teas blended with pure natural fruit and herbs. We promise to deliver “luxury in a cup”, here is what you can expect from


Hyleys offers an extensive variety of unique teas and blends. We are certain to offer something for everyone’s cup. Hyleys Tea is 100% natural
Non-GMO, no added colors and no preservatives.