Earth Teaze Teas

About Earth Teaze Teas

Earth Teaze Teas was created by Barbara (Barb) Smith, a Nova Scotian native.

Barb’s love for tea began at home in Nova Scotia, where a pot of tea was always steeping for a good chat, an unexpected visitor, or a good book.

As she learned about the benefits of drinking tea, she imagined a product that met her own ideals for a healthier, more satisfying tea selection. And so, Earth Teaze was born.

Earth Teaze is a proudly Canadian company providing tea drinkers with pesticide free, natural teas. Earth Teaze products are also free from chemical processing, plastic and metal. The herbs and spices used in the teas are harvested in Holland and Germany and carefully blended by their master tea blender in Sri Lanka. Suppliers and vendors are inspected and vetted to ensure they meet the highest levels of quality, safety and craftsmanship.