Decaf Tea of the Month Clubs

Decaf Tea of the Month Clubs. 3, 6 and 12 Month Plans

What's in the Box?

Free Personalized Greeting Card

At check out add a personal message. Your message will be hand written on a card and added to the first shipment


Free Gift Wrapping

Every month's shipment is gift wrapped for free


One Box of 20 - 50 Decaf Tea Bags Each Month

A decaf Tea of the month club makes a great gift for a loved one, friend, a family member or yourself. Your lucky gift recipient will enjoy a new shipment of decaf teas each month. Available plans include organicblack, green tea, herbal tea or decaf tea. And come in 3, 6, or 12 month durations. Tea of the Month Club makes a great gift or a way for you explore new teas.  A sample of the teas that will be shipped each month can be found here.

  • Includes a box of 20 to 50 decaf tea bags

  • Free gift wrapping every month!
  • Free personalized quality greeting card
  • Free shipping every month!

If you or the person you are giving the gift to have specific allergies or ingredient concerns please let us know we take note of this. You can send us an email letting us know of these concerns. We do not need to know about gluten, vegan, or dairy intolerances – these will never be included in the club.

We do not ship poor quality ‘supermarket’ teas. Most of the teas are hard to find and from smaller tea brands including Ajiri tea, Brew La La Teas, Earth Teaze, Edinburgh Teas, English Tea Shop, Fruit Farm, Saluber teas, The Secret garden teas and other brands. A complete list can be found on our Shop Tea page.

If there are certain teas you prefer you can also let us know and we will do our best to match your request. But part of the fun and adventure of the Tea of the Month Club tea subscription is trying new flavors. 

You will not receive duplicate teas and most often you will not receive duplicate tea brands.

Decaffeinated or "decaf" tea is tea that once contained caffeine and underwent a process to remove caffeine almost entirely. Decaf teas may still contain trace amounts of caffeine, although it’s usually not enough to affect the heart rate or energy level of someone who isn’t highly sensitive to it. To be called “decaf” or "decaffeinated,” a tea blend’s caffeine content must have been reduced to 2.5% of its original level or less, which usually amounts to about 2 mg.